3 Cosmetic Dental Services for a Graduating Student

3 Cosmetic Dental Services for a Graduating Student

If you’re a parent, this summer could involve more than vacations and outdoor fun. There’s a good chance it’ll also include student graduations! The school year is nearly over, after all, so your child might be leaving high school or college. Assuming that’s true, try gifting your graduate with cosmetic dentistry for the upcoming ceremony. Your Plano dentist can even offer some suggestions. To that end, here are three cosmetic treatments for graduating students.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Maybe your child only needs a little touch-up for when they walk the stage. In that case, cosmetic dental bonding would be a good choice.

Also known as cosmetic bonding, this option corrects minor smile flaws – light tooth stains, chips, etc. – in only an hour. It molds tooth-colored resin onto the affected pearly white(s). As such, the results are seamless and blend naturally with the rest of a patient’s smile. These effects can even last for a few years when given proper care.

Teeth Whitening

Perhaps a more obvious option for your soon-to-be graduate is teeth whitening. This procedure leaves a grin visibly white and bright for many special occasions. That said, how to prepare for it depends on the kind your child gets.

If you need quick results, in-office whitening is the way to go. It only takes an hour at the dentist’s office and whitens teeth by six to eight shades! In exchange, though, the treatment cost is a bit pricy.

At-home whitening is better for those with time to spare. It requires that the patient wear trays on their teeth for a few weeks. Still, this whitening has similar results to the in-office variety and costs less.

Porcelain Veneers

Last but not least, porcelain veneers are another cosmetic possibility. The treatment is highly versatile and transforms teeth in various ways.

Simply put, veneers are thin shells that dentists place on teeth. They aim to hide many smile flaws – stains, chips, cracks, and misalignments. They make treated teeth beautiful with their high-grade porcelain, which blends seamlessly with one’s smile. That said, the placement process removes bits of enamel and can be expensive.

If your student does want veneers, have them start treatment at least a month before graduation. Placing the shells requires multiple dental visits spaced weeks apart. Consequently, beginning things too late will mean the veneers aren’t ready for the ceremony.

You only have a few chances to show a winning smile at graduation. So, give your child these cosmetic treatments for graduating students with a local dentist soon!

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