If you’re on a summer getaway, the last thing you want is an urgent oral issue. This sort of thing is disruptive and derails your fun in the sun. Even so, you may end up facing a dental emergency on summer vacation. It’s thus vital that you can properly address the situation. To that end, your Plano dentist wants to give you some pointers. Here are three steps you should take to correct a dental emergency during your summer trip.

Plan Your First Response Accordingly

Whatever you might think, dental emergencies aren’t all the same; they vary from patient to patient. If you have one during your trip, therefore, plan your response to it accordingly.

For example, perhaps you suddenly get a severe toothache. The first move will be to rinse your mouth and floss near the affected area. From there, take pain relievers to manage discomfort and book a dental visit.

Alternatively, you might have a broken or cracked tooth. If so, your immediate action should be to rinse your mouth and apply a cold compress. You’ll then need to find a local dental provider.

Be Ready to See a Nearby Dentist

Dental emergencies are time-sensitive, so it’s essential to treat them quickly. Act fast to find a dentist near your vacation spot who’ll meet your needs.

In particular, research dentists in the area who offer emergency care and accept your insurance. (Your local dental provider could even provide some suggestions.) Among those you find, make sure they contact your primary dentist and obtain any necessary records. You should also confirm that your dental plan will offer coverage while you’re abroad.

By doing speedy yet thorough research, you’ll ensure quality care. Plus, you’ll be prepared for your upcoming dental visit.

Visit an ER if Necessary

Despite your best efforts, dentists might be far from your trip location. Even if that’s the reality, though, don’t despair. Instead, visit an ER as the next-best alternative.

Remember: Your mouth’s health is a component of your overall health. For that reason, an emergency room is partly equipped to address dental dilemmas. It’ll (ideally) reduce your short-term pain, prescribe needed antibiotics, and refer you to a dentist. From there, you’ll be several steps closer to a fully-healed grin.

Again, facing a dental emergency on summer vacation isn’t preferable. If you must, though, the steps above will get you through your ordeal!

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