There are a lot of adults that are unhappy with how crooked their teeth are but decide there isn’t anything they can do about it. They can’t stand the idea of getting braces but still want to straighten their smile.

If you’re in that situation, you may be happy to hear that there are other ways to get fix crooked teeth. For example, veneers can be used to give you a smile comparable to braces without the need for long-term orthodontic treatment. If that sounds interesting, here’s a little bit more information about how the treatment can be used in this way.

What are Veneers?

You might have heard of veneers, but you may not know exactly what getting the treatment entails. Your dentist will painlessly remove a thin sliver of your enamel and replace it with a porcelain shell, giving you the appearance of a beautiful smile!

How Can Veneers Straighten My Teeth?

When people say their teeth are crooked, they’re usually either crowded (pushed clumsily together) or gapped (spread too far apart). In either case, it’s the shape and placement of your teeth that cause the underlying issue. Braces solve the problem of crooked teeth by changing their position, but it’s also possible to address the issue by changing their shape.

That’s where veneers come in. Your dentist can remove enough of your enamel to allow your teeth to fit together properly and then apply veneers. The veneers will be specifically crafted to fit together with each other well, so your smile will be perfectly straight!

Should I Get Braces or Veneers?

Both braces and veneers can be incredibly effective at producing a straight smile, but which procedure is ultimately best for you depends on your situation.

On the one hand, veneers take as little as two appointments to see results, as opposed to braces which take at least 18 months. Veneers are also able to cover up other imperfections, so if you have cracked or chipped teeth, they could help you with that as well.

On the other hand, there are orthodontic conditions that only braces can address, like large gaps in a smile due to tooth loss. Veneers are also semi-permanent because they require you to remove enamel, meaning you’ll need to take care of your veneers for the rest of your life.

About the Author

Dr. John Bonds became a dentist because he loves two things: meeting people, and helping them with their problems. His patients appreciate him for his incredible clinical expertise and his gentle, friendly demeanor. Dr. Bonds received a dual DDS and biomedical science degree from Texas A&M University. He continues his education each year with the American Dental Association.

If you have any questions about how veneers can straighten your teeth, he can be reached at his website or by phone at (972) 736-7737.

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